Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation Device

Bringing bowel care and relief to all in need.

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The PIE Device is created to assist:

The discomfort and suffering that is caused by all of these conditions devastates quality of life. The Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation Medical Device seeks to alleviate this suffering by making it easy for any caregiver or medical personnel to provide safe and effective bowel care.

  • Fecal Impaction Removal and Treatment
  • Spinal Cord Injury Bowel Management
  • Chronic Constipation Elimination
  • Chronic Incontinence Elimination
  • Colonoscopy Preparation
  • Bowel Deficiencies
  • Reduction of Decubitus Ulcers
  • Reduction of Colitis
  • Spina Bifida Bowel Management
  • Neurogenic Bowel Disorders
  • Reduction of Urinary Tract Infections
  • Austim Bowel Management
  • Stroke Bowel Management
  • Reduction of Hemorrhoids
  • Reduction of Prolapsed Rectum

Studies and Research

Long-term safety of pulsed irrigation evacuation (PIE) use with chronic bowel conditions

Cleveland Clinic

Read here
Per-rectal pulsed irrigation versus per-oral colonic lavage for colonoscopy preparation: a randomized, controlled trial

Veterans Affairs (Long Beach) and University of California, Irvine

Read here
Treatment of fecal impaction with pulsed irrigation enhanced evacuation

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

Read here
Pulsed irrigation enhanced evacuation: New method for treating fecal impaction

Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital

Read here
New treatment for rectal impaction in children: an efficacy, comfort, and safety trial of the pulsed-irrigation enhanced-evacuation procedure

Baylor College of Medicine

Read here
Dissolution of a barium impaction ileus in a child using the PIEE procedure

Baylor College of Medicine

Read here
Use of pulsed irrigation evacuation in the management of the neuropathic bowel

Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital

Read here
Comparison between PIE evacuation and PGL solution for bowel preparation prior to elective colonoscopy in veterans with spinal cord injury

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Read here

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Treatment for Neurogenic Bowel Dysfunction

Neurogenic bowel dysfunction treatment to address incontinence or constipation is crucial to improve quality of life. Here, we have outlined what the research says about neurogenic bowel dysfunction and the best way to find relief for patients and support for families.

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Everything About Fecal Impaction

When it comes to fecal impaction, the fecal impaction symptoms, the fecal impactions complications, and fecal impaction treatment, it is hard to know what to trust. Here, we consolidated everything for how to improve bowel management for people with fecal impaction.

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Spina Bifida Bowel Management

More about spina bifida bowel management coming soon!

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