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Bowel Care

Get back to leading your life without fecal impaction or neurogenic bowel with the PIE Device.

Patient Outcomes


years of helping patients have consistent bowel movements.


of spinal cord patients had complete bowel clearance with 1st use.


of patients have no incontinence or soiled clothes.

Safe and Effective

Neurogenic Bowel and Fecal Impaction Treatment

Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation “PIE” Device, provides effective and reliable Neurogenic Bowel care for patients suffering from the following conditions:

Physician Endorsements

Terry Puet, MD
Terry Puet, MD
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I used the PIE system for many years and published several articles in the rehab literature. It has proven effective for clearing impactions and establishing a bowel routine. It is uniquely effective in patients with neurogenic bowel. It has been effective in patients where there is no other good alternative. It is also very safe and effective for home use and I feel it is safer than uncontrolled enemas.
Mark A. Gilger, MD
Mark A. Gilger, MD
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It is my privilege to write in support of the PIE*… our studies confirmed the PIE* to be safe, acceptably comfortable and most importantly, effective in removing fecal impactions in children… we also have recently confirmed the ability of the PIE* to remove serious barium impactions… we currently use the PIE* on a daily basis at Texas Children’s Hospital… it is a simple alternative to expensive manual or surgical disimpaction of the rectum… I vigorously endorse the PIE* device for use in children and welcome any inquiries.”
John H. Grimes, MD
John H. Grimes, MD
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“My patient, J.R.B., has been a paraplegic for many years, has had increasing difficulty emptying bowels and constipation of bowel. Impactions have frequently been a major problem for him…All standard therapies, including stool softeners, laxatives, enemas and manual dis- impaction have proven ineffective… Because of this, we prescribed the PIE for home use and it has already proven to make a marked difference in his care.”

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