Excellent Health Outcomes

Physicians from across the United States approve of the the PIE Device as a mechanism for consistent, reliable bowel treatment and management. Patients with congenital conditions, chronic constipation, fecal impaction, and neurogenic bowel who use the PIE Device often experience a significantly better quality of life and reduce the number hospital admissions. Oftentimes, the PIE Device will protect patients from receiving a colostomy, which has been shown in countless studies to increase risk of infection and hospitalization while lowering quality of life. 

Studies and Research

01Long-term safety of pulsed irrigation evacuation (PIE) use with chronic bowel conditions

Cleveland Clinic

02Per-rectal pulsed irrigation versus per-oral colonic lavage for colonoscopy preparation: a randomized, controlled trial

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University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago

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06Dissolution of a barium impaction ileus in a child using the PIEE procedure

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07Use of pulsed irrigation evacuation in the management of the neuropathic bowel

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08Comparison between PIE evacuation and PGL solution for bowel preparation prior to elective colonoscopy in veterans with spinal cord injury

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