Our Inventor: Roy Abell

In 1959, Roy Abell was a golf star at Auburn University when he was hit with a miserable flu-like sickness, and a few days later he was left completely paralyzed by polio, except for limited use of his left hand. As a quadriplegic, Roy struggled daily with routine bowel management practices. Roy became excessively annoyed with inconsistent, ineffective and time-consuming Bowel Evacuation results.

“There has to be a better way”

Armed with a sharp analytical process but an unresponsive body, Roy was inspired to develop a comfortable and reliable Bowel evacuation technique for in-home use that would be mobile and did not require dedicated water supplies or dedicated drains. In 1986, the original Pulsed Irrigation Evacuation (PIE) device was invented. Roy’s vision years ago has enabled PIE MED to liberate many from home confinement and improve the quality of life for individuals all over the country who had previously struggled to attain a reliable bowel evacuation program. Roy Abell passed away in 2012 in Atlanta.

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