Patients, caregivers, nurses, and physicians praise the benefits of the PIE Machine.

"My brother had autonomic hyperreflexia in 1993 (the blood pressure was elevated with distension of bowel, rectum and bladder). This attack of sudden elevation in his blood pressure led to a stroke – bilateral cerebral hemorrhage. He recovered from the coma after two weeks to lose his speech. I wish he had the PIE* earlier. Maybe this all would have never happened. Since we have been using the PIE, our life has been much easier. He has one bowel movement every other day…regular, no bleeding, no mess, no hemorrhoids, no fissures, less time."
- Wafaa A.Foad , MDDoctor
"My son was born with spina bifida. He has had bowel and bladder problems since birth…tried many different methods of bowel control with no success…while in hospital for kidney infection due to bowels not being empty, his doctor tried the PIE*…very impressed and doctor decided it was the method Richard needed…have been using the machine since 1989 and has only been hospitalized for one infection…keeps him out of the hospital for 3 to 4 days because of kidney infections…we normally did and average 2 hospital stays per year…PIE* paid for itself in the first 6 months by keeping my son out of the hospital…."
- W.J.Patient
"Since becoming acquainted with the PIE* technique, I find it viable, easily accomplished, and well tolerated by patients… therefore, I have recommended its use to physicians and nurse colleagues at other hospitals and institutions… the PIE* procedure has been used successfully on numerous patients here at our facility on an out-patient basis, therefore preventing a costly stay in-patient hospitalization."
- Virginia Storey , RNNurse
"Because the PIE* Bowel Prosthetic Device/Procedures completely removes all of the fecal material there are many positive changes in the health of your patient. Experience from my patients have shown us that hospital admissions for fecal impactions, rectum lesions, hemorrhoids, bleeding hemorrhoids from repetitive digital stimulation and repetitive UTI seem to disappear when the patient uses the PIE* Procedure every other day."
- Terry Puet , MDDoctor
"I don’t know what I would do without the PIE*…has helped avoid hospitalization because of digital stimulation. Enemas, and laxatives do not work…had a bleeding ulcer, and thanks to the PIE*, I didn’t have to take laxatives and irritate the ulcer even more with my old program."
- T.R. , (M.S.)Patient
"Roy has created a wonderful answer to a lot of prayers for so many people including mine and my daughters. We were at the end of our ropes when I, by accident, found Roy and his amazing machine. I could never THANK him enough. I am sure that his dream and our lives will move on in this wonderful journey to help so many people. Thanks for all you and your staff do."
- S.C.Caregiver
"My son suffered a spinal cord injury. From day one, his biggest problem has been bowel control. Impactions resulted in hemorrhoid surgery. Without the PIE*, his bowel problems kept him unemployed and his only income was Social Security Disability…After receiving the PIE, his life changed dramatically…enabled him to attend school…earns in excess of $30,000 annually…now has employer paid health insurance…the PIE* was the most cost effective purchase we ever made…."
- S.B.Caregiver
"It is my privilege to write a letter in support of the PIE*… our studies confirmed the PIE* to be safe, acceptably comfortable and most importantly, effective in removing fecal impactions in children… we also have recently confirmed the ability of the PIE* to remove serious barium impactions… we currently use the PIE* on a daily basis at Texas Children’s Hospital… it is a simple alternative to expensive manual or surgical disimpaction of the rectum… I vigorously endorse the PIE* device for use in children and welcome any inquiries."
- Mark A. Gilger , MDDoctor
"I can attest to the wonderful results of patient comfort, effective bowel evacuation, and the avoidance of surgery… these surgeries, alone, can cost up to $10,000… another beauty of the PIE* is that we were able to keep patients out of the hospital altogether, even with repeat procedures, they were treated on an outpatient basis… it is a wonderful machine…thank you for bringing it to the people that need it!"
- Margaret Falconio-West , RN, BSN, CGRN, CETNNurse
"The “Pie Machine” Has Changed My Life My physical health has greatly improved since I have being using “The Pie Machine”, (P.I.E). Years of “manual bowel program” use has resulted in many negative effects. P.I.E has given me back control over my daily life. I was experiencing many days of pain; (during and after the manual program), which halted all of my other daily activities for one to two days each time. I started using the Pie Machine in March, 2014 and it has rendered the desired results I needed. Many times the results of the manual program were unpredictable. It has also greatly reduced the chance of physical and emotional damage to my body. I was also concerned with the fact that after eleven years my attendant had reached the point that she couldn’t continue performing the manual program for me because of the negative effects she had experienced. It had become dyer that I change to an easier method. I had reached the point where I couldn’t tolerate the manual program any longer due to all of the negative effects, the greatest of which were pain and incomplete programs. P.I.E has eliminated at least 80 to 90 percent of those negative effects and I hope I am never without it."
- M.S. (C-5/C-6 Quad)Patient
"For many years my son with autism has had bowel impaction problems and largely because of this problem he ended up in an institution. The PIE* is everything I could ask for. My son can even go swimming and live in the community…we are working on supported employment…I feel the PIE* might actually have saved his life."
- M.M. , (Autistic Son)Caregiver
"Dear P.I.E Medical, I am writing to tell you about our experience with your PIE machine. We are very pleased with how it has helped our 14 year old daughter. She was born with gastroschisis and megacystic micro colon. She had no motility in her entire GI system and received a multi-organ transplant when she was 14 months old. She received a new small bowel, stomach, liver and pancreas. She was left with only a small section of her native colon which had no motility. We were hopeful she would be able to have normal and regular bowel movements. This was not the case. We tried many different irrigation procedures, but none were as successful as we needed them to be. She would end up in the hospital every 6 to 8 months for impactions and needed to go through difficult and unpleasant procedures to clear the impactions. We have had the PIE machine for 3 years and have had no hospital admissions in that time. Her colon is also not as distended as it was before using the PIE. We use it every other night and my daughter does not have stool leakage. She is able to wear underwear, not diapers anymore. Who doesn’t want that. We are very pleased with what the PIE has been able to do to help our daughter. She is much more comfortable a doing great medically, something we were not able to say before the PIE machine. In short, my daughter is a 14 years old whose quality of life has increased tremendously since we started using the PIE machine. She has not needed to be hospitalized since we started using the PIE. She is much more comfortable and is not distended due to retaining stool in an extremely dilated colon. Thank you to the makers of the PIE. You have made our lives better."
- L.N. (gastroschisis and megacystic micro colon)Patient
"I have become more independent in my bowel program… using less attendant care…fewer bladder infections…no emergency room visits…helped me psychologically…more in control of my life."
- L.L.M. , (Spinal Injury)Patient
"I was hospitalized for 7 weeks because of an impaction and the doctor not being able to regulate my bowels…The doctor recommended the PIE*…Since using the PIE*, I have been able to regulate my bowel movements so that I don’t have accidents, which was a common occurrence, nor have I had an impaction…without the PIE*, both of these happened…Doctors have tried everything with me, enemas, suppositories, laxatives, etc., but nothing ever really worked for me like the PIE*. Without the use of the PIE*, chances are I would have to be placed in a nursing home.."
- L. H. , (Parkinson’s Plus–)Patient
"Has eliminated the problem of severe autonomic hyperreflexia that accompanies other methods of bowel evacuation."
- K.W. , (Quad)Patient
"My patient, J.R.B., has been a paraplegic for many years, has had increasing difficulty emptying bowels and constipation of bowel. Impactions have frequently been a major problem for him…All standard therapies, including stool softeners, laxatives, enemas and manual dis-impaction have proven ineffective… Because of this, we prescribed the PIE for home use and it has already proven to make a marked difference in his care."
- John H. Grimes , MDDoctor
"The PIE* proved to be a great success…positive improvement regarding vital signs…not only eliminated impaction problems…one patient after 3 weeks experienced natural peristaltic action…in past year 3 KUBs to evaluate previous distended upper colon…noticed a definite contraction and toning of the colon…in my opinion the PIE* has prevented surgery…advised continued use of the PIE* to avoid and prevent many future medical problems."
- James F. Frisbie , MDDoctor
"Has given me the freedom to enjoy an active social life, finish college, and more importantly, to return to work."
- G.J.L. , (C-6 Quad)Patient
"My patient, I.N., who has long standing paraplegia secondary to a previous spinal cord meningioma…has had use of the PIE for the past few years…the patient’s pattern of recurrent hospital admission and emergency room evaluation have essentially disappeared…the PIE has been extremely effective for this patient…effective not only on her medical care but also medical costs, and has dramatically improved her quality of life…."
- David H. Doan , MDDoctor
"I now have control of my own bowels…before the PIE*, embarrassing bowel movements would prevent me not to go anywhere for months…now I can go places and do things."
- D.B. , (M.S.)Patient
"In the past I had many problems with my rectum from the rigorous bowel program that was needed…bleeding and in great pain from digital stimulation…eventually developed fissure in the rectal area and was admitted to the hospital for surgery…doctors helped me find the PIE* to stop this cycle. Doctors and I are sure the PIE* has kept me from another surgery…."
- D.B. , (C4/C5 Quad)Patient
"Meant shortening the length of a patient’s stay in the hospital…less nursing time…PIE* system use to remove impactions…again shortening patients’ length of stay…requiring less nursing time…."
- C.H. , RNNurse
"I was left with a non-reflex bowel…treated by 8 different specialists…hospitalized twice…for 4 years the PIE* procedure has helped me the most. I did not have any success with suppositories or enemas…daily laxatives gave relief, but also bowel accidents kept me from leaving home."
- C.C.M. , (Spinal Injury)Patient
"I was injured on October 30, 1987…for the next several years I could not have a regular bowel system… enemas were never a success…suppositories worked part time but many times did not…my rectum became very inflamed and painful from the suppositories…the PIE* gives me much better control of my bowels…I am able to get out and go places now…the painful inflammation has cleared up…my life is much better because of the PIE*."
- B.W. , (T-12 Spinal Injury)Patient
"This is an excellent opportunity to “sing the praises” of PIE*… since we purchased the PIE*, we have used it for virtually every application it was meant to be used for: impaction removal; both inpatient and outpatient (75%), bowel prep for colectomy, colonoscopy, and radiology procedures (20%) and home health visits for impacted home bound patients (10%)… in many instances the PIE* has prevented hospitalization and/or reduced LOS thereby reducing costs."
- Alexis D. Butler , RNNurse
"In many instances, PIE* has prevented hospitalization and/or reduced LOS thereby reducing costs."
- A.B. , RNNurse